Driver ID Module

The Driver ID Module provides a means of identifying the driver of a vehicle using an iButton® key.  The vehicle driver will have an iButton® key which has a unique identity (serial) number. The driver ID is read from the iButton® by touching it on the iButton® reader.

When the driver ID code has been successfully read the unit will emit the following message via the RS232 serial interface:

driverid <id>\n

Where <id> is the unique driver ID code, a 12 hex-digit number.

A host device, such as the TRACKbox TB2 tracking module, can be connected to the Driver ID module.  The TB2, for instance, can detect the driverid serial message and notify the platform of the relevant Driver ID status.  Third-party host devices might similarly wish to handle the driverid serial message.

Driver ID is compatible with the TRACKbox TB2