The TRACKbox web-service enables TRACKbox hardware to be used as a "hardware only solution" but still utilizing a basic web service.  You can set up your TRACKbox devices, and push the tracking data to any platform you would like to use.

  • Integration is simple (a custom web hook) so integrators do not need to understand tracking devices/provisioning protocols etc.

  • Device management – configurations/OTA Firmware updates via portal

  • End-to-end data security (encryption)

  • TRACKbox Hardware is RCM Approved for Australia and New Zealand

TRACKbox Web Service.png

Create and manage DEVICES

Create your new device in the TRACKbox App. Configure devices, and manage OTA Firmware updates.

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Select from the drop-down of current integration partners, or use web-hooks to point to other platforms.


Current Partners


View up to 3 vehicles on your Vylio account with no platform fees.